The Compensation

based on real events

The compensation

based on real events

„Whoever saves a life saves the world.“
Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 37a

preview: 8th of November 2019 as part of the award „Mutig“ 2019, Aschaffenburg
Serbian premiere: 20th of November 2019, Festival Synenergy, Novi Sad/ Serbia
German premiere: 28th of November 2019, 11 A.M.

further performances in Berlin: 29th of November 2019, 7 P.M., 14th of December 2019 (with live music, Adam Baldych) at 7 P.M.

location: Werkstatt der Kulturen
Wissmannstraße 32
12049 Berlin

further performances in Germany: 26.1.2020 um 16 Uhr
location: Stage of Jüdische Gemeinde Duisburg-Mülheim/Ruhr-Oberhausen
Springwall 16
47051 Duisburg

location: Stadttheater Aschaffenburg

Further dates in planning.

Starring: Vadim Grakovski, Dorothee Krüger, Barbara Prokopowicz
Music: Adam Baldych
Text version and direction: Monika Dobrowlańska
Set: Katsiaryna Filist
Video: Yukihiro Ikutani

Background: In no other case of compensation towards Holocaust survivors payments were deprived that persistently as with the „ghetto-pensions“ – Jewish children and youth fought for their life in the ghettos of the Nazi terror regime, where they often had to graft in inhumane conditions just to get a plate of soup or a meal ticket. Nevertheless they were forced to pay into the pension fund, for instance via the Jews’ Council. Later, as the German Parliament passed an appropriate law in 2002, some survivors tried to receive a symbolic pension. For them, it was rather a matter of recognizing their stories – stories of exploitation, suffering, which they had to face in their childhood, and because of which some of them broke and were left with a hurting soul for ever. However, this means once again a fight – namely the one about the recognition of their work before the German Social Courts. Judge Jan-Robert von Renesse supported the victims selflessly more than anybody else, despite the resistance of judicial authorities. According to the Israeli ambassador in Berlin this is „the fight of the grandson of an SS man for the pensions of the ghettos’ survivors“. For this purpose he received considerable attention in Israel, the award for humanity by The European Janusz Korczak Academy and the Dachau-award for moral courage. Ever since his career was shunt aside.

Project description: An internationally prestigious team of artists joined forces to give voice to those who were ignored for decades. Based on historic testimony and real events the performance will show, on the one hand, the former struggle for survival in the ghettos and, on the other hand, the present fight for the acknowledgment of the truth before the Social Courts The play will be developed and implemented artistically by the director and award winner of the „Prix-Tournesol“ (category: „beyond borders“) of the Festival d’Avignon 2017 Monika Dobrowlanska. Responsible for musical adaption will be the Polish star violinist Adam Badych, who can be experienced live on the 14th of December during the Berlin’ performance. After each performance an audience discussion will take place, where you will have the unique opportunity to speak to Mr von Renesse in person.

Cooperation partner: European Janusz Korczak Academy e.V., Festival Synergie Novi Sad/ Serbia, Jugend mit Zukunft gGmbH, Aschaffenburg/ Aschaffenburger Mutig-Preis

Sponsors: Berlin Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs (Programme Intercultural Projects), Foundation Between Bridges, Foundation Berthold Liebinger

Media partner: Jüdische Allgemeine, Klassik Radio


The compensation in Novi Sad



RBB Kultur, 28.11.2019, Sendung Schalom,  Vera Block

RBB Cosmo, Russian program, 11.12.2019, Leonid Poljakov

The Compensation in well-known Serbian theater show by Slobodan Savic, from approx. 12 minutes

Hungarian TV, Novi Sad, 04.12.2019, Attila Pethö (The Compensation from 5:10 and from 7:30)


RBB Kultur, 28.11.2019,  Vera Block

Theaterkritik _ _Die Wiedergutmachung__ Beklemmung im Saal _ rbb24

Jüdische Allgemeine, 08.12.2019, Jérôme Lombard

Der zähe Kampf für Gerechtigkeit _ Jüdische Allgemeine

Magazin für Jazz Musik, 05.12.2019 – Magazin für Jazz Musik – Theaterperformance_ Die Wiedergutmachung – nach wahren Begebenheiten – Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

Grenzenlose Vielfalt, Bayerischer Rundfunk, 03.11.2019, Julia Smilga


Schüler lernen in Hösbach Mutig-Preisträger kennen, Main-Echo, 10.11.2019,  Robert Fuchs

Main-Echo.10.11.2019. Schueler lernen in Hösbach Mutig-Preisträger kennen

NDR, 18.09.2018, Jens Rosbach


Duisburg: Theaterstück – Die Wiedergutmachung, xtranews, 22.01.2020, von Manuela Ihnle

Die Wiedergutmachung in Duisburg

Die “Wiedergutmachung” in der jüdischen Gemeinde Duisburg, Europäische Janusz Korczak Akademie

Die _Wiedergutmachung_ in der jüdischen Gemeinde Duisburg _ Europäische Janusz Korczak Akademie e.V_