About us


multicultural city is a theatre group founded in September 2012. In February 2018, it was transformed into a registered association. Monika Dobrowlanska and Veronica Sobczak have been appointed to board members. We are looking for an artistic involvement with the living situation of social marginal, disadvantaged and minority groups. We are inspired by the city of Berlin as multicultural metropolis. We encourage dialogue between different cultures and religions. And we claim that different religions, skin colours and world-views belong to Germany. We want to support mutual understanding, tolerance and respect through dealing with prejudices and stereotypes. We explore and develop experimental stage forms which result from the encounter of different cultures and arts. The particular focus lies on documentary theatre plays. multicultural city offers a platform for cooperation between artists from Eastern and Western Europe as well as from non-European space. We want to break the political barriers and to integrate artists from politically isolated countries into a joint creative process. From the very beginning, multicultural city has been pursuing non-profitable goals und has been funded by public foundations. The premiere of our first play „Displaced Women“ took place on   May 23, 2013 at Maxim Gorki Theatre. Since then, we managed to establish cooperation with different partners across Europe. Our theatre productions participated in multiple international festivals.

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multicultural City is a member of LAFT, IETM and EEPAP.