Different Views

Performative, interactive stage reading

Different Views
Performative, interactive stage reading
Research project with theatre artists from Germany, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine

A project of multicultural city
Adaptation: Monika Dobrowlańska

First performance: 24.09.2015, Ivano-Frankivsk / Ukraine
In the course oft the International Theatre Festival MitOst

Upcoming dates: 26.09.2015 / 27.09.2015, Lviv / Ukraine
In the course oft the theatre festival ¡everything´s different?
A Theater and Performing Project about the Ukrainian Conflict
Funds received from the festival will be donated to victims of hostilities.
The Project ¡everything is different? is the winner of the contest kultur-im-dialog.eu+ 2015 –joint program of Schering Stiftung and MitOst e.V.
The project is realized by VladOpera e.V., Kultura Medialna and other partners.

Olga Abrikosova
Monika Dawidziuk
Artem Manuilov

Director: Monika Dobrowlańska

Our  project reflects how the Russian-Ukrainian conflict influences the privat life of people in Ukraine, Berlarus. Poland and Germany. Since the deep structures of everyday life nowadays are reflected at its best on facebook profiles, we investigate the traces, forms and presence of the Ukrainian-German conflict on facebook. In doing so, these following questions are important: What does the Ukrainian-Russian conflict do with us, the Europeans? Which fears, which resentments does it evoke in the Ukrainians, Germans, Polish and Belarusians? Does this conflict become part of our self-expression and if so, which purpose does it contain? Does it influence us, are we manipulated by this war propaganda and are we manipulating further? Which areas of our lives are becoming transformed by it, what was changed inside us and last but not least – does it have impact on our values?

In German, Polish, Belorussian, Ukrainian und Russian language (with Ukrainian subtitles).