Displaced Women

History Remix: Berlin - Łódź - Minsk

Displaced Women
History Remix
Berlin – Łódź – Minsk

based on „Anonyma. A Woman in Berlin“, „The Unwomanly Face of War“ by Svetlana Alexievich und „Berlin. Memories of polish forced laborers from the capital of the Third Reich in the years of 1939-1945“

adaptation: Monika Dobrowlańska, Michał Walczak

A project of multicultural city and Polnisches Institut Berlin in cooperation with Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin

Premiere: 23.5. 2013, Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin

Svetlana Anikej
Monika Dawidziuk
Anna Poetter
Live music by Bartłomiej Oleś and Egor Zabelov

Director: Monika Dobrowlańska, Set and costume design: Johanna Pfau, Music: Bartłomiej Oleś, Video: Jan Wagner, Project Coordinator: Jacek Głaszcz

Duration 2.15 h inc. interval

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“Oh, girls! You are really awesome, but nobody will dare to marry you after the war“
Swetlana Alexijewitsch

Women in the Second World War: a Belarusan female frontline soldier, who reports on the feeling in the army of fulfilling duties which were typically „masculine“ and how she experienced the German. A German woman, who faced the conquest of Berlin through the Russian troops and thematizes the mass rape of German women through Russian military personnel. A Polish female forced laborer, who was deported from her hometown Łódź to Berlin and who views the city and its inhabitants through this perspective.
Women, who took different fronts, who had different views on the events and who were influenced by different propaganda. Surprisingly these reports have something in common: After decades, they break the silence and start to talk about a taboo topic.

Actresses from Germany, Poland and Belarus slip into different roles, once they act as offenders, once as victims, once as winners, sometimes as losers. On the one hand this reflects different developments of the war and on the other hand a single absolute truth is challenged.

In German, Polish und Russian language (with subtitles).

Funded by Stiftung für deutsch-polnische Zusammenarbeit, Senatskanzlei für kulturelle Angelegenheiten in Berlin (Interkulturelle Projekte) and by Polnisches Institut Berlin.




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