Insulted. Belarus

a political protest play based on Andrei Kureichik

Insulted. Belarus

a political protest play based on Andrei Kureichik
Text version: Monika Dobrowlanska

Premiere: 18.06.2021, 7 p.m.
Format: Digital Streaming

Further performance: 02.10.2021, Stadttheater Aschaffenburg
— Further performances are planned —


In solidarity with the Belarusian society, multicultural city e.V. would like to present the documentary play “Die Gekränkten. Belarus” by the Belarusian dramaturge Andrei Kureichik.

Insulted. Belarus. focuses on the first month of mass protests in Belarus after the façade of Belarusian sham democracy crumbled after the August 2020 elections. The piece features a total of seven real-life characters and deals with both the actions of the authoritarian authoritarian regime and its ruthless leader Alexander Lukashenko, as well as the struggle of protesting citizens and political protesting citizens and political oppositionists, with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya at their head. The plotted actions reflect true facts, so that the viewer can witness the current events in Belarus. The play additionally underlines the emotional the emotional experience of the Belarusian civilian population, which ranges from anger, fear, determination to hope for a peaceful revolution. In addition, the revolts on the streets as well as the repressions and the repressions and the violence of the police on the orders of the “last dictator of Europe” Lukashenko are impressively shown. The author Kureichik positions himself quite clearly against the political system and in solidarity with the courageous protesters and opposition figures. With a view to the European neighbors, he also conveys the message on a meta-level: “Don’t leave us alone!“

The play is performed by an international acting team from a total of twelve nations, under the German-Polish director Monika Dobrowlańska. The music is provided by the Polish star violinist Adam Baldych is responsible for the music. The scenic design is by the Byelorussian set designer Ekatarina Skladman. The performance is part of the within the framework of the project „Fit für die Bühne. Fit für die Zukunft“ of multicultural city e.V.

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A production of multicultural city e.V., Berlin

Performing: Vadim Grakovski, Giulia De Pascale, Tuomas Kiiliäinen, Emanuela Pilolli, Stéphanie Reist,  Eneko Sanz, Julia Vandehof, Nina Vieten, Marianne Zahn
Director, script: Monika Dobrowlanska
Stage design: Ekatarina Skladmann
Music: Adam Baldych
Video: Yukihiro Ikutani
Translation: Olga Kouvchnnikova, Ingolf Hoppmann
Cooperation partners: Kulturinitiative Förderband gGmbH, Panda Plarforma

The project “Fit for the stage. Fit for the Future” project is supported by funds from the European Social Fund and the Senate Department for Integration, Labor and Social Affairs within the framework of the within the framework of the district alliances for business and labor.