Hijab debates

Theatre installation based on documentary material

Hijab debates

Interdisciplinary theatre fragment based on documentary material
Co-production with the Bavarian Theatre Days
With Anna Potter


Director: Monika Dobrowlanska
Concept: Anna Poetter, Monika Dobrowlanska
Premiere 12.6.2018, 18.30, Catholic church Unsere liebe Frau, Fürth
Further performances: 13.6.2018, 18.30, Catholic church Unsere liebe Frau, Fürth
13.10.2018, 16.00, Jewish Museum of Franconia, Fürth

It’s a piece of fabric.
Just a piece of fabric.
What does this piece of fabric hide?
What does it show?

  • Why is the whole country discussing the hijab?
  • Are now “emancipated” women against “backward” women?
  • Do I have to participate in the hijab debates?
  • Why do we actually have these debates?
  • And can women please decide themselves what to wear or they must be liberated from that piece of fabric against their will?
  • Are western countries now facing an increased prevalence of the hijab?

In their new project, Fürth’s artist Anna Poetter and Berlin’s director, “Prix Tournesol” award winner in the category “Across borders” at the Festival d’Avignon 2017 Monika Dobrowlanska try to get some answers to these and other questions.

Both of them are an experienced duo – they have been working together since 2002.

For the “Hijab debates”, they interviewed different women, whose biographies became the foundation for the project. Among others, they managed to interview the well-known sociologist, board member of the Terre des Femmes e.V.,  women’s rights activist, and Islam expert Necla Kelek,  the symbolic figure of the German hijab discourse since 90’s Fereshta Ludin, and the SPD Bandenburg’s spokeswoman for education policy Simona Koß.


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