Democracy Day

Offer for schools and leisure facilities

Democracy workshop with three workshops to choose

Writing workshop where the young people will develop their own short stories on the subject: through different writing and creative exercises, the participants will receive suggestions for developing their own stories, in which they will describe racist and discriminating incidents from their everyday live. We will use the technique of automatic writing, which aims at reproducing images, feelings, and thoughts without self-censorship. The written stories will be then staged as role plays.

Workshop leader: Michael Kunsmann

Information brochures for young people: This workshop focuses on bringing together information on right-wing populism, discrimination, and racism in school life for classmates and teachers. On the other hand ,it also focuses on reflecting on such questions like:What can we do in order to better protect us from right-wing extremist propaganda? How can we support classmates of other religions, skin colour, nationalities?  How big is  their need for help? How and by what means can we avoid and fightthe stigmatization and discrimination of these children? How can wesensitize classmates and teachers?What kind of preventive measures can we offer at schools? The ideas will be used to present possible support projects and recommendations for everyday life. 

Workshop leader: Monika Dobrowlanska, Nina Rühmeier

Arap song, written from the perspective of a young person who has been discriminatedbecause of his/herreligion, culture or skin colour.In this way, young people put themselves into a situation where a discrimination takes place and process the emotions, thoughts and problems of those affected.This approach helps to develop poetic and music skills of the participants, but also their empathy, sensitivity and sense of justice.  The young people will deal with the question of how to express emotions not only through the text,but also through music and body language,and last but not least, how to successfully combine these forms of expression. The songs will be developed in groups of two. Afterwards the participants will choose one of the songs and study it under our guidance.

Workshop leader: Florian Steindle

Finally, a presentation is planned in which the different groups will show each other their results.

Dates: 10.04.2019, FEZ-Berlin, 13.05.2015 Jugendkunst- und Kulturzentrum “Gerard Philipe”

Supporters: Stiftung Between Bridges, Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend im Rahmen des Bundesprogramms “Demokratie leben!”, Aktion Mensch e.V.


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