International Touring Exhibition

European Women’s Remembrance
International Touring Exhibition

multicultural city e.V. is a partner in this project

Europe for Citizens program – Strand 1. European Remembrance

The Archives of Vojvodina is a lead partner in a collaboration with Foundation “Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture” and 16 partner organizations from 10 countries:

Foundation Novi Sad ECC 2022 (Serbia), Irida (Serbia), Womens studies and research (Serbia), SOS womens centre (Serbia), Fundacija Slawek (Poland), BTT Youth (Slovenia), Univerza Maribor (Slovenia), Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj Ormoz (Slovenia), Ptuj Tourism Public Institute (Slovenia), Polyplanity (Greece), Amaka (Greece), Pertej Barrierave (Albania), Womens Alliance for Development (Montenegro), Institut des Croisments (France), Stiching Tumba (Netherlands)

Local partner: district Spandau of Berlin/ Juliane Fischer-Rosendahl, women’s representative of the district Spandau , Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin

Duration: 01.01.2021 – 30.06.2022.

With the REWOMEN project partners intend to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Proclamation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights through creating and disseminating the international exhibition devoted to the history of Women’s Liberation Movement (WLM) in Europe. Gathering partners from EU and Western Balkan countries the project intend to commemorate important but not well known or marginalized women and different historical turning points and changes in women’s human, political, social, economic and cultural rights. Women’s Liberation Movement is one of the most significant human rights movement in the 20th century and representing a real common European history beyond national borders.
The aim of the project is to reinforce women’s rights by improving the visibility of European women’s history and developing international women’s solidarity.

One preparatory meeting, 4 workshops and a final international conference are activities planned within the project.

4 workshops will be organized for creating the concept and materials for the final interactive exhibition. Each workshop will be dedicated to one of 4 topics.

Women and Peace — peace movements, antiwar protests/ SOS helplines
Berlin, 08.09-11.09.2021

Women and Economy — unpaid work, prostitution and trafficing, alternative women’s parlament
Warsaw, 27.10-30.10.2021

Women and Freedom — media representation, reproductive and sexual rights
Athens, 1.12-4.12.2021

Women and Culture — feminist theory and art, women’s study
Ptuj, 19.01.-22.01.2022

The opening of the exhibition with an international conference will be a part of the main program of Novi Sad 2022 – European Capital of Culture. Later the exhibition will travel through partner cities.

The project is financed by the “Europe for Citizens programme of the European Union