School children’s voices

School children’s voices
June 15, 2016 x


On the 15th of June, 2016 our class 9 b/c of the comprehensive school No.3 in Eisenhüttenstadt visited the family center FEZ in Berlin and watched a theatre play about children, who have a parent in jail. The actors could very well convey the two main problems which such children had to face. While a boy named Walter rather bypasses the fact that his father is in prison for arms trafficking, Elfie takes it very seriously that her mommy has murdered a person, namely her own boss. She is very affected by it, because everyone seems to be aware, everyone looks at her in a strange way and gossips about her.

Both are typical examples of how it can be, when a parent is in jail. The one is fully disorientated; the other tries to ignore this fact. Nevertheless one should not forget that children are not responsible for the problems of their parents.

After the play we were divided into two groups: one group wrote its own rap song, the other one created posters.

It was a very productive day; and we learned a lot about children, who have a parent in jail.

Class 9c
Comprehensive school No.3, Eisenhüttenstadt

School project: Children of people in prison

Yesterday, on Wednesday, 15.06.2016, a project called „Children of people in prison“ took place at the family center FEZ in Berlin. We, classes 9b and 9c of the comprehensive school No.3 in Eisenhüttenstadt, took part at it.

We were happy to go to Berlin and to watch a unique play on this topic. The play is about a boy named Walter, whose father is in prison, and a girl named Elfi, whose mother is in prison too. First of all, it demonstrates that each child reacts differently in a situation like that. Walter takes it calmly and makes no secret of it, while Elfi’s reaction is completely different. She is deeply depressed and unhappy. She doesn’t know how to deal with that.

After the play we were divided into 2 workshop groups. The first one designed flyers that provided information about how to deal with such children. The second one had to write their own rap song with the help of pictures.

The project was very informative and gave us an idea about children, whose parents are imprisoned. We learned that everyone reacts differently in such situation and that the media want to destroy families torn apart even more.

By Sherin Möser und Manuela Semmler