Tip Berlin, das Berliner Stadtmagazin

Tip Berlin, das Berliner Stadtmagazin
June 19, 2016 x

Kulturtip, 19.06.201
“Secrets – What I do not know…!”
– a documentary stage play about situation with children of prisoners

Walter goes to a new school, again. It is clear that the new class wants to know where he comes from. But that is a topic Walter does not like at all. „I am from the city, you villagers!“, he says. The intimidation works. He also provides an answer to the question about his father: he eloped with another woman. Walter struggles along with his sassiness. Probably nobody would get to know the truth, would not there be the fact that suddenly a strange story about a kidnapping occurred…

The production states in a realistic and vivid way how hard the situation is for children of prisoners and to which extent the life of a whole family is changed by that. The perspective of the prisoners’ children and their parents had been developed in creative workshops and replaced by personal interviews…